Prayer Intentions

Dear Lord,

We lift all those who are facing illness today. We ask that You bring healing, comfort, and peace to their bodies. Calm their fears and let them experience the healing power of Your love. Amen.

Carol Adams, Claudelle Anderle, Shirley Aubey, Carrie Benoit, April Benson, Pete Bertrand, Denise Bien, Pamela Billings, Roland Blanchard, Karen Bolmanskie, Frank Boudreaux, Daisey Ryder Bouley, Keith Broussard, Mary Brown, Mark Budro, Randy Burford, Sharon Burgess, Wendy Campbell, Amy Conn, Tommy Cook, James Henry Crim, Fredrick Dargin, Monica Decuir, Todd East, Lynn Ferguson, Salena Gilpin, Sandra Hall, Eva Hebert, Deacon Keith Hebert & Gina Hebert, Jennifer Hoelscher, Vanessa Hoffpauir, Anna Jones, Angela Jones, Jordan Jones, David Joseph, Steve Kauzlaric, Charlene King, Ronnie Langlois, Evelyn LeBlanc, Lessin LeBlanc, Jr., Marie LeBlanc, Rita LeBlanc, Chris Leday, Danalicia Leday, Stella Leday, Sharon Ledoux, Brenda Lege, Pierre Lege, Jerrell Leger, Ruth Leger, Guillermina Lopez, Jim McBride, Fr. Stephen McCrate, Dan Maher, Lanette Maher, Teela Marceaux, Brittany Moore, Ruth Moore, Celeste Mott, Betty Myers, Luthy Myers, Pam Nalbone, Shellie Nations, Bobby Pappillion, Idma Pappillion, Arnaud Pichon, Charles Prince, Loretta Pylant, Michele Richard, Gordan Roberts, Mable Rudisill, Ethel Salzar, Rocky Sewell, Zane Shoemaker, Polly Smith, Mary Sonnie, Dodie Taubert, Lovenia Thibodeaux, Gerald Thomassee, Joyce Marie Turner, Lavern Turner, Isidro Urvina, Angie Vanderpool, Justin D. Wallace, Belle Weaver, Howard Whitman, Melissa Willi,s Anna Woodward, Katrina Hoffpaiur Wright, Thomas Wright, Grayson Vail, Mary Yingling, Marty Zambrano.

If you know of anyone that needs to be put on or is ready to come off the prayer list please call the office 409-296-4200 or email